SASSA Grant Application E-forms for All Types of Grants in 2024

Whenever you need to apply for any type of SASSA grant, you will definitely need a SASSA grant application form. And finding these forms becomes a hectic task most of the time. That is why, I have compiled all the SASSA grant e-forms for your ease. Now you do not need to vendor around when you need to download any type of SASSA grant application form.

Whether it is a grant application form, affidavit, consent form, or bank form, you are going to get all under one roof here. Just click on the download button for each type of e-form and get it easily.

You can print out these forms and then fill them out with your valid details to get financial support from SASSA.

How to Apply for SASSA Grant?

You need to know how to apply for any kind of SASSA grant before you download the application form or affidavit.

  1. Open the SASSA official website on your laptop or smartphone.
  2. Choose the type of grant that you need. For instance, Child Support grant, Grant-in-Aid, or SRD grant.
  3. Now fill out the application form for that grant.
  4. Attach all of the required documents.
  5. Submit the application to SASSA.
  6. Now wait for the results.

What is a SASSA Grant Application Affidavit?

A SASSA grant application affidavit is a sworn statement made under oath that serves as a written declaration of certain facts. This document is used when an applicant is unable to provide the usual forms of identification or other required documents for their SASSA grant application.

Why is an Affidavit Necessary?

Proof of Identity: 

  • No ID Card: If an applicant does not possess an ID card, the affidavit can be used to verify their identity.
  • No Birth Certificate: For those without a birth certificate, the affidavit can serve as a substitute document to prove their date of birth and identity.
  • No School Certificate: In cases where a school certificate is required but not available, the affidavit can confirm the educational background or age of the applicant.
  • No Marriage Certificate: If a marriage certificate is needed but not available, the affidavit can provide proof of marital status.

Verification of Facts:

  • The affidavit contains a detailed account of the applicant’s circumstances and personal information. This helps SASSA verify the authenticity of the application when standard documents are missing.

Legal Standing:

  • Since an affidavit is made under oath, it has legal standing. Providing false information in an affidavit is a punishable offense, thus ensuring that the information provided is truthful and accurate.

How to Use an Affidavit for a SASSA Grant Application

Draft the Affidavit:

  • Clearly state your full name, address, and other personal details.
  • Mention the specific grant you are applying for (e.g., Older Persons grant, Disability grant, or SRD grant).
  • Explain why you are unable to provide the required documents (e.g., lost ID card, no birth certificate available).

Include Supporting Information:

  • Provide any other information that can support your claim, such as details of your family, financial situation, or health status.

Swear Under Oath:

  • Sign the affidavit in the presence of a commissioner of oaths or a notary public. This official will also sign and stamp the document, verifying that it was made under oath.

Attach to Application:

  • Include the signed affidavit with your SASSA grant application form and any other supporting documents you have.

Download SASSA Grant E-forms and Affidavits in PDF

Here are all the SASSA grant e-forms and affidavits in PDF format. Now you can download all the documents in one place.

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