SASSA Status Pending?

Is SASSA status pending?

Well, you need to know what is happening and what you can do to get out of this issue. Today, I am going to explain why people see a “Pending Status” when they perform an SASSA status check online and exactly what it means. Do you need to worry? Or it is just a normal procedure of SASSA? Get all the answers in this complete guide.

What is SASSA Status Pending?

Why is SASSA Delaying SRD 350 Grants?

When you check the status of your SRD application for assistance with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and see “Pending,” it means your application is still being processed. Here’s a detailed explanation to help you understand what might be happening:

  • Processing Stage: “Pending” indicates that SASSA has received your application, but they haven’t completed the review process yet.
  • Verification: SASSA needs to verify the information you provided. This includes checking your personal details, income, and other relevant data to determine if you qualify for assistance.

Why Does My SRD Grant Status Still Pending?

As I mentioned above SASSA is currently checking your SRD R350 grant application details. The team has to verify all of your details and this whole process takes time.

However, here are the reasons that can delay your SASSA grant application approval:

  • Document Verification: If you submitted documents like your ID, proof of income, or bank statements, SASSA needs to verify their authenticity.
  • High Volume of Applications: Sometimes, there are many applications to process, which can slow down the review process.
  • Incomplete Information: If your application is missing some information or if the details provided are unclear, it can take longer for SASSA to process it.
  • System Delays: Technical issues or system maintenance can also cause delays in updating your application status.

How Do I Fix My Pending SASSA R350 Payment?

If your SASSA R350 payment status is pending, it means that your application or payment is still under review. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to fix this issue and possibly speed up the process:

Verify Your Application Details
Make sure that all the information you provided in your application is correct. This includes:

    • Personal Details: Your name, surname, and ID number should match exactly what is on your South African ID document.
    • Contact Information: Ensure your phone number and email address are correct and accessible, as SASSA may use these to contact you.

    Check Your Application Status Regularly
    Keep checking your application status online to stay updated on any changes or actions required:

      • Visit the SASSA SRD website: SASSA SRD Status Check
      • Use the USSD Code: Dial *134*7737# to check your status via your mobile phone.

      Resolve Any Issues Highlighted by SASSA
      If your application status indicates any issues (e.g., incomplete application, verification problems), take the necessary actions:

        • Upload Missing Documents: If SASSA requests additional documents, upload them as soon as possible.
        • Correct Errors: If there are any mistakes in your application, correct them immediately.

        Contact SASSA for Clarification
        If your status remains pending for an extended period, contact SASSA directly:

          • Call the SASSA Helpline: 0800 60 10 11
          • Email SASSA: [email protected]
          • Visit a SASSA Office: Go to your nearest SASSA office for in-person assistance.

          Confirm Your Bank Details
          Ensure that your bank details are correctly entered into the system. This step is crucial for receiving payments:

            • Bank Verification: Sometimes, SASSA requires bank verification to ensure the bank account belongs to you. Make sure your bank details are correct and match the details on your application.
            • Re-enter Bank Details: If there are any discrepancies, you might need to re-enter your bank details on the SASSA website.

            Be Patient and Persistent
            While waiting for your payment, it’s essential to remain patient and persistent.

              How Long Does it Take to Get SASSA Grant Approval?

              The process of obtaining approval for a SASSA grant can be quite detailed and involves several steps. Once you have submitted your application, SASSA undertakes a thorough evaluation to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met and that the application is complete and accurate. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the process and timeline:

              Submission and Initial Review:

              After you submit your grant application, SASSA conducts an initial review to verify that all required documents and information have been provided. This includes checking your identification documents, proof of income, and other necessary paperwork.

              Assessment and Verification:

              During this phase, SASSA evaluates your application to ensure you meet the criteria for the type of grant you are applying for (e.g., child support grant, disability grant, older person’s grant). This will involve background checks, financial assessments, and possibly a home visit or medical examination in the case of disability grants.

              Approval or Decline Decision:

              Based on the assessment, SASSA will decide whether to approve or decline your application. This decision is made within a maximum of 90 days from the date of your application submission. However, this period can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the volume of applications SASSA is processing at the time.


              Once a decision has been made, SASSA will notify you of the outcome. If your application is approved, you will receive information on when and how you will receive your grant payments. If your status declined, you will be informed of the reasons for the decision, and you will have the opportunity to appeal if you believe the decision was made in error.

              Why SASSA Has Failed My Application Status?

              If your SASSA status failed for the current month then you need to know that your application for an SRD grant is rejected.

              Your SASSA grant application might have been declined for several reasons, such as not meeting the eligibility criteria, incomplete or inaccurate documentation, failure to pass the means test, or discrepancies found during the verification process. It’s essential to review the specific reasons provided by SASSA and address any issues if you choose to reapply or appeal the decision.

              How Do I Appeal My SASSA R350 Declined Payment?

              You can submit the SASSA reconsideration appeal for your declined and failed SASSA status. Your appeal will be submitted to the official team and they will verify your details. If you are fulfilling the SASSA grant criteria, you will get your payment.


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              2. Why me sassa since I was born with no parents they left me in 2000 my grandmother tried again but I never even received cent from sassa like other children’s who their parents past away, then now am trying to get 350 still declined me, sassa is unfair to me, also food parcel on a hatic year of covet 19 but GOD he is covering me with his shield and GOD will answer me one-day

              3. I have a issue with my 350 I haven’t even received any pending or approved date . & I need the money I’m struggling

                1. I’m not working and I need that R350 I want to know that i’m improve or decline because when I want to check they say my phone number is not found.

              4. I have a issue with my 350 I haven’t even received any pending or approved date . & I need the money I’m struggling

              5. My Application is approved but with no date for May. I did check again boxer but was nothing was processed also my bank account which I use it’s still zero balance. Please help πŸ™

              6. I’m not working and I need that R350 I want to know that i’m improve or decline because when I want to check they say my account is not founded

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