R700 SASSA Grant

SASSA SRD grant is a relief for South African citizens who are living a life below the line of poverty. These 350 Rands provide them hope and somehow a way to live a bit better life. The ratio of unemployed and poor people has increased during the last few years so the SASSA grant is helping them. However, the amount of the grant is R350 but some people are saying that the R700 SASSA grant is also available. So in this article, we will get to know whether there is a  700 Rand grant or if this is just fake news. Let’s see now!

R700 SASSA Grant

How to Get an R700 SASSA Grant?

Unfortunately, there is no R700 SASSA Grant that you can get or apply for. This is a pure fake rumor about the SASSA grants. Even though there are many SASSA grants like Old Age Pension, none of them is offering R700 for sure.

It is important to be cautious and verify the accuracy of information before spreading it further. False rumors can lead to confusion and disappointment among those who are genuinely in need of assistance. If there are any updates or changes regarding SASSA grants, it is advisable to rely on official sources and announcements from the South African government or the SASSA organization itself.

In conclusion, the notion of an R700 SASSA grant is not supported by any factual evidence and should be dismissed as false. The existing SASSA grants continue to provide crucial support to individuals facing economic hardships in South Africa, albeit at the current amount of R350.

Official SASSA Grants

  • Child Support Grant: This grant provides financial assistance to parents or primary caregivers of children under the age of 18 to support their basic needs and well-being.
  • Disability Grant: This grant is available to individuals with disabilities who are unable to support themselves financially due to their impairments.
  • Foster Child Grant: This grant offers financial support to foster parents or caregivers who are taking care of children under their care, providing assistance for their upbringing and basic needs.
  • Care Dependency Grant: This grant is provided to individuals who are responsible for the care of a child with severe disabilities or chronic illnesses, offering financial assistance to meet their special needs.
  • War Veterans Grant: This grant is specifically for military veterans who served South Africa and provides financial support to those who meet the necessary eligibility criteria.
  • Grant-in-Aid: The Grant-in-Aid is supplementary support available to individuals who receive other SASSA grants and require additional assistance due to their specific circumstances.
  • Social Relief of Distress Grant: This temporary grant was provided during times of Covid-19 emergency to individuals or households facing extreme hardship or unexpected circumstances, offering short-term relief.

Is There Any Upcoming News about R700 SASSA Grant?

No, there is no news about the R700 SASSA Grant for now or neither in the near future. The grant payment is 350 Rands and it will stick to that. The government of South Africa has cleared all the rumors about the double SASSA grant on its official Twitter account. You can check the Tweet on your own and see what was the reaction of the officials.

As you can see that there is a clear statement “Please note that the below advert is FAKE and does not come from SASSA. No additional grant type is offered apart from the ones announced by SASSA” So there is no way to get this grant.

We hope now you will have understood this whole fake news thing and now you know that there is no chance of an R700 SASSA Grant for now.

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