What is the Qualification Income Threshold for SASSA Social Grants in 2024?

As the new year 2024 has started, the qualification income threshold for SASSA social grants has changed. It is very important for any applicant to know what is the current eligibility criteria of monthly income for social grants. If you are not aware of this monthly payment threshold then you can get to know here.

Income Thresholds to Qualify for SASSA Grants 2024

I am going to add all the latest 2024 income threshold lists to be eligible for a SASSA social grant in 2024. Read the below table carefully and find out if you are qualifying for any type of SASSA grant.

Grant NameMax. Income Threshold to Qualify
Older Persons GrantR86 280/Year
Disability GrantR86 280/Year
Child Support GrantR52 800/Year
Care Dependency GrantR223 200/Year
Social Relief SRD GrantR624/Month

Detailed Explanation of SASSA Grant Eligibility Income Threshold

Now you already have an idea of how much you need to earn maximum if you need to apply for SASSA social grants. However, for your ease, I have explained all the income thresholds in detail.

Older Persons Grant Yearly Income Threshold

SASSA has organized a grant type for people who are aged 60 and above. The purpose of this grant is to allow the old citizens to live a better life in their old age. This is also called the old age pension grant.

  • The income threshold for this grant is R86 280 per year if you are single. For those who are married, they must not earn more than R172 560 per year.
  • The applicant should not own more than 1 227 600 assets if single. For married, they should not exceed R2 455 200.

Disability Grant Eligibility Income Limit for 2024

For those citizens who can not work due to their mental or physical disability, SASSA is giving them monthly expenditures. To qualify for the SASSA disability grant, the applicant should not:

  1. Earn more than R86 280/year if single. For married, the threshold is set to R172 560 per year.
  2. For assets value, the single should not own more than R1 227 600 worth of assets. And for married the limit is R2 455 200.

Child Support Grant Payment Limits to be Eligible

The child support grant is for those who want financial assistance to raise their children.

  • The monthly payment should not exceed R52 800 per year for a single. For a married couple, they need to stay below R105 600 per year.

Care Dependency Grant Yearly Salary Limit to Qualify

This grant is for those parents and caretakers who are raising a child with severe disability. Get a fund from the government to take care of that child.

  • For single parent or caretaker, the payment is R223 200.
  • For married or couple. The payment is R446 400.

Social Relief SRD Grant R370

This grant was issued for the citizens who were affected by COVID-19 in May 2020. The grant was offering R350 until March 2024. However, the new payment is R370.

  • The payment threshold for a single applicant is R624 per month.
  • For married persons, they should not earn more than R1,248 per month.

How to Appeal If I Rejected Due to Income Threshold Exceed?

If your application was rejected for surpassing the income threshold, yet you believe the decision is wrong, you can appeal. 

First, review the rejection notice carefully. Collect evidence like pay stubs and tax returns to support your claim. Check for errors in the application or notice. Contact the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) for clarification and details on the appeals process. 

Submit your appeal along with supporting documents and any relevant information. Follow up to ensure your appeal is reviewed. Consider legal assistance if needed.

Final Verdict

It’s crucial for applicants to be aware of the income thresholds for SASSA social grants in 2024, as eligibility criteria may vary depending on the type of grant sought. Reviewing the updated income limits outlined above is essential for determining qualification status. 

If an application is rejected due to exceeding the income threshold, applicants have the right to appeal. By providing necessary documentation and following the appeals process through the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA), applicants can seek a review of the decision. 

It’s advisable to stay informed, gather relevant evidence, and pursue the appeals process diligently to ensure fair consideration of eligibility for SASSA social grants.

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