How to Get SASSA OTP Code?

Do you need help getting your SASSA OTP code? Of course, you do, which is why you have searched for this query. For your ease, I have prepared this all-in-one solution guide for you. Now every problem related to SASSA OTP will solved in this article.

What is a SASSA OTP (One-Time-PIN)?

An SASSA OTP, or One-Time PIN, is a unique code used to enhance the security of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) clients when they login into their SRD (Social Relief of Distress) web portal. This OTP is sent to the phone number registered with SASSA to verify the identity of the user attempting to access their account. 

By requiring this code for login, SASSA ensures that only the rightful owner of the account can gain access, protecting personal information and sensitive data from unauthorized access.

How to Use SASSA OTP Code?

To use the SASSA OTP code, the client needs to enter the OTP code inside the required space and then click on the submit button. In this way, they can use this OTP code successfully and pass the SASSA verification.

You will need to get the SASSA OTP on these occasions:

How to Receive SASSA OTP Code?

If you have changed your SASSA phone number then you need to get this OTP code for the new number. However, many clients face issues when they try to get the SASSA OTP on their new phone number.

To receive the SASSA OTO code on your phone number you need to do this:

  1. Visit the official SASSA portal.
  2. Enter your phone number where you need to receive the code.
  3. Wait for the code to arrive on your phone number.
  4. Put that code inside the required space and that’s it.

Why am I Unable to Receive SASSA OTP?

You can face delays in the receiving of your SASSA code. This delay can occur due to numerous reasons and it depends on your network, the time when you are trying to get the code, and your smartphone’s system as well.

How to Solve SASSA OTP Is Not Received?

Now you need to try these solutions when you are caught in a situation where you are waiting for the SASSA PIN and you are unable to get it.

  • Wait for One Day: Sometimes delays occur due to network issues or system updates. Waiting for a day and trying again can resolve this.
  • Try Every 30 Minutes: If waiting doesn’t help, try requesting the OTP code every 30 minutes. This may catch the system at a more responsive time.
  • Check your Spam SMS Folder: Occasionally, OTP messages can end up in your spam or junk folder. Check these folders regularly, especially if you haven’t received the OTP in your inbox.
  • Get Outside for Better Signals: Network coverage can affect OTP delivery. If possible, move to an area with better network reception to ensure prompt delivery of your OTP.
  • Change your Phone Number: If you’ve recently changed your phone number registered with SASSA and are not receiving the OTP, ensure that the new number is correctly updated on the official SASSA portal. Update the number and retry receiving the OTP.


How do I get my SASSA OTP code?

You can get your SASSA OTP code on your SASSA-registered phone number.

Does SASSA send SMS?

Yes, SASSA does send SMS to grant beneficiaries.

What is the code for SASSA?

The code for SASSA is the One-Time-PIN that will be sent to the SASSA grant client’s phone number to verify the identity.

How can I check my SASSA balance through WhatsApp?

You can check your SASSA balance through WhatsApp by sending a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number. Then you will get an OTP to verify your ID and then you can check your balance.

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