Sassa SRD Grant for August was Delivered on Friday

Thousands of South African citizens eagerly awaited the arrival of the Sassa SRD Grant for August, which finally came through on Friday. This much-needed financial assistance has been a lifeline for many during these challenging times.

Sassa said prior that we would send all grants including SRD R350 on August 2, 3, and 4 but it did not happen. However, on Friday 25th of August, the grants started to be delivered to the applicants and beneficiaries. The series of payments will continue until 31 August. So if you were waiting for your grant payment desperately then this is good news for you.

During the interview on Newsroom Afrika with Paseka Letsatsi, the spokesperson of Sassa, he said that we emphasize the agency’s commitment to ensuring timely grant disbursements.


He also added that Sassa Grants is facing some backlogs and that is why we are unable to pay on time.

Sassa payments were due because the officials needed to check all the applications manually and then also needed to verify them. It is necessary to check the condition of all the applicants whether it has improved or not. So all this system takes time and effort.

However, the wait is over now and beneficiaries can finally collect their payments. If you still haven’t received your Sassa payment then you need to wait until 31 August. After that, you can submit a reconsideration application.

Sassa has also allowed the applicants they use a procurator if they are unable to collect their grants by themselves due to some reasons. If you are not aware of the term procurator then this refers to a person who can collect your Sassa grant on your behalf.

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