What is the SASSA Means Test?

The SASSA Means Test is an integral part of South Africa’s Grant program, which aims to provide social relief to individuals experiencing distress. SASSA oversees the administration of various social grants and assistance programs for those in need. The Means Test, specifically designed for the SRD R350 grant, involves an evaluation process conducted by SASSA to assess an individual’s financial eligibility for the grant.

SASSA Means Test

The SRD R350 Grant was introduced by the South African government as a temporary lifeline for individuals who faced severe financial hardships due to the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With limited resources at hand, it became crucial to ensure that this financial relief reached those who were genuinely in dire need. To achieve this, the government implemented the SASSA Means Test, a method that assesses applicants’ financial circumstances to determine their eligibility for the grant. By considering factors such as income and assets, this test acts as a measure to ensure that the grants are allocated to those who truly require immediate assistance during these challenging times.

Why is the SASSA Means Test Important to Get SRD R350 Grant?

The significance of the SASSA Means Test in securing the SRD R350 Grant cannot be overstated. This evaluation process, implemented by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), plays a crucial role in determining the eligibility of applicants for the much-needed financial relief provided by the SRD R350 Grant.

With the SRD R350 Grant serving as a temporary measure to assist individuals who have been profoundly impacted by the socio-economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the limited resources available are allocated to those who are genuinely in need. This is where the SASSA Means Test comes into play.

The SASSA Means Test is a just and inclusive evaluation process that considers multiple factors including income, assets, and household composition. This thorough assessment enables SASSA to accurately identify and prioritize individuals who are truly deserving of the SRD R350 Grant. Its purpose is to extend assistance to those who are unable to meet their essential needs without external support, thereby bringing about a meaningful impact in their lives amidst the challenging circumstances they face.

Who is Eligible for SASSA Income Grants?

Here we will see who are the people that can get grants from SASSA and what is the income level and criteria to be eligible for this monthly grant from the government.

Eligibility Criteria for War Veterans, Older Persons, and Disabled People

Let’s find out what is the minimum requirement to get this SRD R350 grant from SASSA if you are a disabled, old, or war veteran.

  • Annual Income Threshold: If you are single then your annual income should exceed R86 280. However, for married people, the threshold is R172 560.
  • Assets Eligibility: If you are a single person then your assets should not exceed the R1 227 600 amount. For married couples, the net worth of your assets should be low from R2 455 200.

Eligibility Criteria for Care Dependency Grants

  • Annual Income Threshold: For singles, their annual income should be lower than R 223 200. Also, for married people, the amount is R 446 400 as an annual income limit.

Eligibility Criteria for Child Support Grants

To be qualified for this grant, your yearly income must be lower than R 54 000 in case you are single. And those who are married, need to have lower income from R 108 000 annually.


In conclusion, the SASSA Means Test serves as a crucial determinant of eligibility for the SRD R350 Grant in South Africa. By implementing the Means Test, SASSA strives to allocate limited grant resources to those individuals who are genuinely facing significant financial challenges and require immediate assistance. It ensures that the grant reaches those who truly need it, fostering fairness and effective distribution of support in times of distress.

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