How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits in 2024?

Going through the sorrow of losing someone close, like a father or brother, is a deeply challenging experience. However, when you lack the financial means to cover the funeral expenses, this sorrow becomes even more overwhelming. 

In such situations, it is helpful to know that if the deceased was a SASSA grant beneficiary, their close or blood relatives can claim the SASSA funeral benefits to help cover the costs. This support can provide much-needed relief during a difficult time, ensuring that the loved one’s funeral arrangements can be handled with dignity and respect.

However, you need to understand that these grant benefits are only for those who are eligible for this grant payment. If the family member has also applied for the SASSA grant then they can avail of these funeral benefits for sure.

What are SASSA Funeral Benefits?

SASSA Funeral Benefits are designed to assist families who are unable to cover the cost of a funeral due to financial constraints. These benefits are specifically intended for the relatives of individuals who were receiving SASSA grant payments and have since passed away. 

The purpose of these benefits is to provide financial support during a time of grief, ensuring that the deceased can be laid to rest with dignity. SASSA will verify the necessary details and, once eligibility is confirmed, will provide the funeral grant payment to help cover the funeral expenses. 

This assistance is crucial for families already facing the emotional and financial burden of losing a loved one.

How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits in 2024?

Losing a loved one is a difficult time, made even more challenging when financial resources are limited. If the deceased was a SASSA grant beneficiary, their family members can claim funeral benefits to help cover the costs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

Inform SASSA About the Death of the Grant Beneficiary

The first step is to notify SASSA of the death by calling 0800 601 011. This line operates Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Inform the SASSA officials about the death of the grant beneficiary and express the need for financial assistance to cover funeral expenses.

Provide Proof of Funeral Expenses

Gather all necessary documentation to support your claim. This includes a valid receipt detailing the funeral expenses incurred. This receipt serves as proof of the costs associated with the funeral arrangements.

Get Your Documents Ready

Before visiting the SASSA office, ensure you have the following documents prepared:

  • Death Certificate: This document verifies the death of the grant beneficiary.
  • South African ID of the Deceased Person: Proof of the deceased’s identity.
  • Proof of Funeral Expenses: A receipt or invoice detailing the costs of the funeral.
  • Proof of Your Relationship with the Deceased Person: Documentation establishing your relationship with the deceased (e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate).

Visit the SASSA Office to Claim the Funeral Benefits

Once you have all the required documents in order, visit your nearest SASSA office. Present the documents to the SASSA officials, who will verify the information provided. Upon successful verification, you will receive the funeral grant payment to assist in covering the funeral expenses.

This process ensures that during a time of mourning, families can receive the necessary financial support from SASSA to arrange a dignified farewell for their loved ones.

How Much SASSA Will Pay for Funeral Grant?

SASSA provides funeral grants based on the amount that was already available in the account of the deceased grant beneficiary. For example, if the deceased was entitled to receive R370 under the SRD grant but passed away, SASSA would only pay up to that amount towards the funeral expenses.

Here’s how it works: if the funeral costs amount to R1000, SASSA will contribute R370, which was the grant amount available to the deceased. This means that relatives would receive R630 from SASSA to help cover the funeral expenses. Families need to be aware of this limitation when planning and budgeting for funeral arrangements.

When Will SASSA Pay for the Funeral Expenses?

SASSA typically processes funeral expense payments within 24 to 72 hours after all necessary documentation has been submitted and verified. However, it’s important to note that delays can occur due to various factors. 

Despite potential delays, eligible applicants can rest assured that SASSA will make the payment to assist with funeral expenses once all requirements are met and verified. This ensures that families receive the financial support they need during their time of bereavement.

Can a Family Member of a Deceased Person Get the SASSA Grant?

Yes, a family member of a deceased person can apply for and receive a SASSA grant, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for that specific grant. However, they must go through the application process again by visiting a SASSA office. 

During this process, they will need to inform SASSA officials about the death of the grant recipient (such as a father, mother, or spouse) and submit a new application to be considered for the grant themselves. This ensures that they can continue to receive the necessary financial assistance from SASSA after the loss of their loved one.

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