SASSA Ends Facilitation of Postbank Account Creation for SRD Recipients

If you are an SASSA recipient and want to get your grant payment via Postbank then you need to read this post. On April 4, 2024, SASSA tweeted:

“SASSA unfortunately not in a position to open a Postbank account on behalf of recipients anymore”.

Beginning now, SASSA no longer offers assistance for recipients seeking to open Postbank accounts on their behalf.


Now you need to open your Postbank account on your own and then you can send your banking details to SASSA.

SASSA Status Approved But No Payment Date?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has a complete schedule for 2024 and 2025 grant payments. However, when a recipient approves for SASSA grant, SASSA sends an SMS containing the grant payment date to the recipient.

This payday date determines when the recipient can go and collect the cash. Or, if you are using a Postbank account for payments, you can withdraw your money from the ATM on that date.

However, why is it that if your SASSA status is approved but you did not get your payment date? Here are the reasons:

Bank Details Pending:

SASSA has approved your COVID-19 grant status but your banking details are missing. You need to provide your bank account details ASAP to get your payment date and money. You can use any other bank if you do not want to use Postbank. However, you need to make sure that the bank account should be in your name.

Requested for Postbank Account Creation:

SASSA has officially announced that we are not facilitating the Postbank account creation on behalf of a recipient. This simply means now you have to open a bank account on your own. After that, you need to provide your banking details to SASSA so they can transfer your payment process.

Can I Use Other than a Postbank Account for SASSA Payments?

Yes, you can use a bank account other than a Postbank account for SASSA payments, provided that you meet certain criteria:

  • Sole Ownership: You must be the sole owner of the bank account. Joint accounts are not accepted for SASSA payments.
  • Active Status: Your bank account should be in active status, meaning it is open and operational for transactions.
  • Acceptance of SASSA Payments: You can use any bank account that accepts SASSA payments. Some of the banks that commonly accept SASSA payments include:
    • First National Bank (FNB)
    • ABSA Bank
    • African Bank
    • Gensec Bank
    • FirstRand (which includes FNB, RMB, WesBank, and Ashburton Investments)

Ensure that you provide accurate banking details to SASSA to avoid any payment delays or issues. It’s essential to verify with your chosen bank that they support SASSA payments and to update your account details accordingly with SASSA.

How to Submit Banking Details to SASSA?

You need to login to your SASSA web portal with your ID number and phone number. Then you can proceed to the change banking details or submit new account details section.

From there, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add your new account details including the account title, name of the bank account, IBAN, and account number.
  2. Submit the new details and verify it via OTP on your phone number.
  3. Now wait for the approval of your banking details.


If you are still looking for your COVID-19 grant payment then you need to verify your banking details now. Go to and update your bank account details right now. SASSA will start transferring the grant payments once your grant banking details are confirmed.

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