Check the SASSA Disability Grant Payment Date and Status for May 2022

Sassa grant dates are scheduled for 2024. However, if you want to know about the old and previous Sassa grant dates then you are on the right page. This webpage has the date for the Sassa Disability Grant payment date for May 2022 month and hence you can check your payment date here.

If you have applied for the SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) Disability Grant then you need to do a Sassa SRD status check for R350 so you can know about your application status.

SASSA Payment Date

All types of grants have a specific pay date that you can check in the below table. We have updated all the previous dates on our website which you can check.

SASSA Disability Grant Pay Date for May 2022

Do You need to know the Sassa Disability grant payment date for May 2022? Check it in the below date sheet and see if your payment has already been delivered on this date or not.

SASSA Grant Payment Date04/05/2022
Name of GrantOlder Persons Grant
Year of Grant2022
Eligibility for GrantCheck Here

So this is the date for the Sassa grant and you can see that the grant has already been paid for this month and year. However, if you want to check the latest grant payment dates then you can visit our homepage.

When Will the Sassa Grant be Delivered for May 2022?

The grant for May 2022 has already been paid back in 2022. Now it is 2023 and all the new dates are already shared on our website. If you haven’t applied for the Sassa grant then you need to do it now.

How to Apply for Sassa Disability Grant?

If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria for Sassa grants then you can apply for it anytime. However, it is very important to qualify for this grant. You must be unemployed and have no or very monthly income in order to apply for the SASSA Disability grant online.

  1. Visit the SASSA grant website from your laptop, PC, or mobile.
  2. Always make sure that you are using a secure internet connection to apply and check for your Sassa status. Never use public WiFi etc.
  3. Now enter your ID number which is your South African 13-digit ID.
  4. Enter your valid phone number that is required to verify your phone number.
  5. Obtain a One-Time-Password from Sassa and enter it back into the Sassa web portal in order to verify your mobile phone number.
  6. Now choose the grant type that you want to apply for.
  7. Enter your other ID documents and proof of residence.
  8. Attach all the required documents like affidavit and ID card copies.
  9. Now fill out the application form carefully and try to avoid any mistakes.
  10. Submit the form and wait for your approval.

SASSA will take some time to verify your application details and you will need to keep updated with your application status. You need to check your Sassa grant status on the official website and keep doing this until you get your grant.


What is the Payment Date for Sassa SRD R350 Grant?

Sassa has announced that there is no exact date for the Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 grant. This grant will be delivered on any date of the time. It can be 1, 2, or 10 of that payment month. So you need to wait for your payment and it will arrive soon.

What Does It Mean That Sassa Grant is Pending?

When you check your Sassa grant status and it shows up as “Pending” then your application is still in progress. In this situation, you just need to keep waiting for your application approval while checking your status as well.

The process of Sassa approval is based on many verification steps so it will take some time. SASSA’s officials will counter-verify your application details such as ID number, proof of address, and all other things as well. So keep waiting for your grant patiently.

What Does It Mean that Sassa Grant Is Declined?

If your SASSA status is showing “Declined” then it means your grant is declined. You need to apply for reconsideration now. This happens due to a large number of applications. So if you think that your application has been declined in an unfair way then you can appeal for reconsideration as well.

What Does It Mean that Sassa Grant is Failed?

This is another bad news for the applicants if they see their status shows as “Failed” due to Identity Verification. So in this case, all the applicants have to submit the reapplication appeal and then wait for the approval.

How to Appeal for Reconsideration for a Sassa Grant?

The solution for any type of Sassa grant rejection is to appeal for reconsideration. You need to know about what is a “Reconsideration” application then it is an appeal to try again for your grant payment.


Now you know what is the date for the Sassa Disability grant for May 2022 and you also know how to check your grant pay date. So if you have any questions about this topic then you can ask now. We will try our best to answer all types of queries that you will ask here. Also, you can check your Sassa status to keep yourself updated with your grant payment date.

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